Guide on Pricing

Investing in your health: A journey worth taking

When it comes to your health, making a proper investment can set you on a transformative journey towards a better quality of life. Just as you carefully consider the features and long-term benefits when buying a home or car, investing in your health should be approached with the same level of thoughtfulness and commitment.

Choosing the right health services for you involves looking beyond the initial cost and many people make the mistake of opting for the cheapest option available, only to realise later that the lack of comprehensive support and long-term results leads to dissatisfaction and regret.

I am committed to helping you get the very best service for lasting results! I have done all the hard work - scouring pretty much everything on the market - so you don't have to and because of that, my services have been designed to provide lasting benefits that align with this philosophy.


Tailored Extras

For those seeking real value for money will be happy to know that I offer a range of tailored extras - included as complimentary bonuses - in my comprehensive package, ensuring significant value without additional cost:

  • 21-Day Accountability Check-In: Regular check-ins are crucial for habit formation and maintaining motivation. This service provides continuous support and is designed to help set new, positive habits and break old, unhelpful ones.
  • Done-for-You Meal Plan: A personalised meal plan tailored to your specific health goals and dietary preferences. This service ensures you receive bespoke nutritional guidance.
  • Done-for-You Shopping List: A comprehensive shopping list tailored to your meal plan. This service simplifies your grocery shopping and supports your nutritional goals regardless of what stage you're at.
  • Personalised Supplement Recommendation: Based on individual health assessments, this service provides tailored advice to address specific deficiencies.
  • Bespoke Lifestyle Recommendation: Involves a detailed assessment of individual habits and the creation of a tailored plan offering valuable guidance to enhance your daily life.

I hope that you see the immense value and transformative potential these services offer.
When you're ready to invest in your health journey, get started by booking a discovery call with me via my Calendly link.
I look forward to hearing from you.

With love,